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An Eminent Islamic Cleric in Turkey, Sheikh Murat Bayaral, has suggested that 'Clean-Shaven Men' sometimes "Cannot be Distinguished from Women" ; and that 'Clean-Shaven Men' can sometimes cause "Indecent Thoughts" , in Some ('Straight') Men.
THIS IS (EXACTLY) WHAT THE ERUDITE ISLAMIC SCHOLAR (REALLY) SAID : “ Men should grow Beard. One of the two body parts that separate Men from Women is the Beard. For example, if you see a man with Long Hair from afar you may think he is a Woman if he does not have a Beard. Because nowadays Women and Men dress similarly. God Forbid ! You could be Possessed by Indecent Thoughts.”
Source : Fatih Medreseleri (Madrasahs) TV (Private Religious Station) December the 16th 2017
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